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Hispanic Heritage Month Resolution

The Hispanic Heritage Month Resolution was passed on September 2nd, 2020 as a way to recognize the importance of Hispanic Heritage Month at Texas A&M University. "The month of September now commemorates and observes all histories, cultures, and contributions of American Citizens whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central America."

"The 73rd Session of the Student Senate extends support to all Hispanic & Latinx student organizations that are cultivating culture, heritage, and contextual intelligence in thousands of Aggies developing the visionary global leaders of tomorrow and actively leading by example with inclusiveness and integration."

Introduced by Man Ahmed, Collin, Tran, David Garcia, Victor Ferro, Rachel Hutto, and Dang Dang.

Sponsored by Alexia Hernandez, Sofia Chunga Pizarro, Megha Viswanath, and Brendan Ramirez.


Betzaida Perez Gomez


Victor J. Ferro


Yovanka Gonzalez


Sofia Chunga Pizarro


Alexia Hernandez

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